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[#M_ | |Don't be afraid of adult help.
I'm not paying them back.
I want you to help children in need like me in the future use.

And I don't want to feel pressured about getting help from the country.
It's not because Sunny is poor.

A tax-paying country, in principle, is born as a citizen of that country.
I'm supposed to pay taxes. That's why one of the four major duties in our country is the "duty of tax payment."

Right now, Sunny is a minor, so she doesn't pay any taxes directly.
So far, Sunny has paid taxes indirectly.
Sunny's parents paid taxes directly and indirectly.
Our ancestors or anyone who was born in this country,
Everyone in this country is supposed to pay taxes.

In other words, the tax paid by the family and relatives of Thunny so far.
I want you to think that Sunny gets it back.

If you're a citizen of this country, whether you're a delinquent or a habitual delinquent, you get all the benefits of paying taxes.
There's only a difference between small and large.

People who pay their taxes every day.
They know how to pay taxes, but they don't.

But why do I pay all the time? Because I have to.
I'm not getting help from the state right now,
No one knows about people.
Even if I don't get it, my family or my relatives get it.
Even if my family, my family, my relatives, don't get it,
Somebody who needs it gets it._M#]
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